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Celestial Joy is where my worlds of being a healer and my love and commitment for animal rescue and advocacy meld as one.

“My vision is to not only provide a healing service to people and animals; but to connect the healing and healers related to animal rescue as well. I am a combination of both parts. In order to be transparent to my clients and associates I believe in connecting all parts of myself; openly and honestly so you feel more comfortable with me by your side during your journey of healing.

In a time when we hear “synchronicity” more often, I truly live and breathe it every day. I am an animal guardian and I have been all my life. Animals are ingrained in our lives and we in their lives. However, since we operate in connection with one another, it is imperative that when trying to determine issues with an animal that I too work with their human companions. The entire family unit needs to be examined in order to achieve lasting healing.

Everyone is at a different point in their journey. Some individuals (including animals) are not ready to address deep issues and may prefer to receive

Reiki Healing. Those who may be a little further in their life journey may be ready for
ThetaHealing® or some combination of both methods.

I invite you to look through the website and see what services or courses can be of help to you. Also, be sure to browse through the Animal Rescue Section for some reference materials and articles that may be of assistance to you now or in the future. Thank you for visiting!” – Shelly Jo Pinter, Celestial Joy